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  • Craters Bloom piece C525 35
  • Craters Bloom piece C525 35

Craters Bloom piece C525 35

Crater Series is inspired by the walls of the Negev craters. Each piece uniquely designed using earth colours and marbling. This special art method of marbling uses several colours of clay marbled together on the potter's wheel. Azure Blue (dry) color on the inside only on  opening neck, and natural clay on the outside - White, Terra Cotta and gray


All pieces are handmade so vary slightly in size and shape and take between 2-4 weeks to create.

Hand Made unique piece, one of a kind vase, created by Israeli potter, Noa Kidron and stamped on each piece NK™

The individual piece is a statement, displayed in a group it creates a sense of dynamic vibrance.

Each piece from this collection is respectively handmade and supplied to you in a luxury package.

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