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Custom for business

The studio also provides the option for exclusive custom production for one of a kind  pottery creations for private clients.

The Studio

Noa Kidron

The studio designs and produces original clay artworks. The uses of clay, a warm and earthly material, combined with Noa’s inclination towards more minimalist and modern design, result in very intriguing pieces. This alluring combination of a natural substance with exceptional, modern design, produces pottery that has a very unique story and artistic statement, much like the artist herself.

Noa Pottery offers the option of creating unique custom works for small boutique businesses and has been doing so successfully for a while now, providing intricate creations to hotels and restaurants all over Israel.

Noa’s works can be used as splendid decorative pieces for interior design and the studio has been collaborating with designers looking to create spaces with an original statement and atmosphere. Examples for such collaborations are designs for hotel and office lobbies, clinics, private homes etc. In these instances, for example, the pottery manifested into wall decorations, centrepieces, statues and light fixtures. The use of clay, an earthly material, transforms these spaces and produces a warm, authentic, down to earth atmosphere whilst looking very chic and modern. The pieces can of course also be used as functional one-of-a-kind dishes, tableware and kitchenware.

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