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  • Casserole - T0072IL
  • Casserole - T0072IL
  • Casserole - T0072IL

Casserole - T0072IL

Hand made Stoneware Casserole Wheel thrown for baking & serving.

lidded with handles.

Used for oven cooking a veriaty of dishes such as vegetables, checken, chees, beef, fish, seafood, atc.

Each piece is designed, manufactured and finished in a homemade glaze, allowing me to stay loyal to the material and have a result of a durable long lived product.

Food, dishwasher and microwave and oven safe.

Avoid extreme heat change.
* Hand washing is always preferred for any handmade clay piece

Color light blue green or - Gray Ash

Please note: the art and dishes are all made by hand. It involves the use of raw materials such as clay and glaze, which are all essentially one of a kind. The final pieces might be slightly different than the images on my site.

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