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  • Marble Vase - C513 h30
  • Marble Vase - C513 h30

Marble Vase - C513 h30

Crater Series is inspired by the walls of the Negev craters. Each piece uniquely designed using earth colours and marbling. This special art method of marbling uses several colours of clay marbled together on the potter's wheel. Glazed turquoise only on the inside, and natural clay on the outside - White, Terra Cotta and green clay.

Hand Made unique piece, one of a kind vase, created by Israeli potter, Noa Kidron and stamped on each piece NK™

Hight 30cm

Several pieces each one unique.

Please note: the art and dishes are all made by hand. It involves the use of raw materials such as clay and glaze, which are all essentially one of a kind. The final pieces might be slightly different than the images on my site.

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