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  • Pair of Salt & Pepper shaker
  • Pair of Salt & Pepper shaker
  • Pair of Salt & Pepper shaker

Pair of Salt & Pepper shaker

Only 9 left in stock

A pair of salt & pepper shakers hand made on the pottery wheel.

Closed shape of a round ball for salt, placed inside the ringed tube for pepper.

Very usable, unique, and special ceramic piece, one of a kind.


Several colors of clay (unglazed), plain natural clay texture.

A part of the Craters series which is an assortment of artfully crafted pieces.

The inspiration for the Craters series derives from a unique natural phenomenon – a magnificent combination of textures, colours and shades revealing themselves in the walls of natural craters, formed in the Negev area of southern Israel. The combination of Noa’s singular craftsmanship and nature's rare phenomenon as an artistic inspirational source result in awe inspiring pieces that can be used as decorative pieces for your home.

Please note: the art and dishes are all made by hand. It involves the use of raw materials such as clay and glaze, which are all essentially one of a kind. The final pieces might be slightly different than the images on my site.

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